Oct 04, 2016

I bought an a7rII just a few days ago for landscape photography. By the way, Fuukei-Syashin(風景写真) means photograph of landscape in Japanese. Landscape and Fuukei-Syashin. To be exact, both seem to have a bit different nuances. Fuukei-Syashin requires realism at all time. Anyway, I sold all of my Nikon gear and some zoom lenses of Fuji that I won't use anymore if I get FE zoom lenses so that I own an a7rII. So the amount of money that I paid was not too enormous. Also my dry cabinet is almost empty now.

The reason that I moved to Pixpa from tumblr is that my jpeg files is getting huge more than before and occasionally tumblr refused them to be uploaded because of their sizes. In addition, I have taken so many photos inconsistently so far. No decent concept, no high purpose at all. So I want to make my photographs better by making a portfolio and being conscious of it.

I have a bad habit that I tend to get carried away when I start a new blog. Before writing this blog entry, I had written quite lengthy text like...a thousand of cons of a7rII and a few but magnificent pros of it. Like the poor compatibility with M-mount wide angle lenses, etc. ...How nerdy. Those were turned down. Geez, I have not improved at all.

Something like that.

landscape photoの為にa7rIIを買いました。landscapeなんてすかしてないで素直に風景写真と言えれば話は早いのですが、色々見聞きした結果両者は少し違うものだそうで。D600とNIKKORレンズ、その他アクセサリー、a7rIIを買ったら恐らくもう使わないであろうFujiのズームレンズ等々、大量に下取りに出したので震え上がる程の金額にはならずに済んで一安心。防湿庫も大分すかすかになりました。




Leica M8